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Legionella Testing

Testing for Legionella can form part of a programme for managing the risk of Legionnaires' disease.

Your Legionella risk assessment should provide direction on the Legionella testing required at your site. Further guidance can be found in the HSE's publications: 'The Control of legionella bacteria in water systems - Approved Code of Practice and guidance (L8)' and 'HSG274'.

Testing for Legionella could assist in identifying possible sources of infection and highlights water system issues which may require action.

Customer comment coupled with a petri dish filled with a pink substance.

We can arrange for an experienced Environmental Consultant with a Legionella specialism to visit your site and collect water samples in accordance with the requirements outlined in ISO 11731-2: 2004.

Once the required water outlets have been sampled, we then transport the samples to a UKAS accredited laboratory that participates in the Health Protection Agency's external quality assessment for food, water and environmental microbiology.

Alternatively, we can provide sterile, sodium-thiosulphate dosed bottles for you to collect Legionella samples yourself.

When the testing is complete, a UKAS accredited report is emailed, and an explanation of the results is provided for all customers.

If further advice is needed on receipt of the results, then a member of our experienced team will be able to help.

Our sampling and consultancy services are covered by our ISO: 9001 accreditation, ensuring that robust, high quality services are delivered.

To discuss your individual circumstances and requirements, please contact our team on 01209 311 350 or email us.

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