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Christmas at Scientific Services - 02.12.2019

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Christmas at Scientific Services - 01.12.2018

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Microbiologist using laboratory equipment

Asbestos analyst using a microscope to analyse a sample.

Microbiologist in a laboratory coat inspecting a glass cylinder.

Asbestos consultant with a mask, completing a form.

Asbestos consultant and site manager conversing.

Scientific Services' mobile laboratory

Asbestos testing, asbestos management and Legionella consultancy.

As independent, environmental consultants, we provide unbiased testing and consultancy services throughout the UK. 

We are an efficient, customer-focused company and our experienced team deliver high quality, asbestos testing solutions, as well as asbestos management and Legionella risk assessments. 

Our asbestos testing services are fully UKAS accredited, and our ISO: 9001 accreditation covers our diverse environmental consultancy portfolio.

We provide detailed, accurate information to a range of public and private sector customers, along with the assurance that projects and premises comply with the latest legislation.

To discuss your requirements or for advice on how Scientific Services can be of assistance to you, please contact our friendly and experienced team on: 01209 311350 or email us

Go mobile with our on-site testing laboratory where we can provide testing in the field!


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