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Laboratory Auditing

Our consultants bring up to twenty years' experience, as well as a breadth of understanding of a wide range of scientific fields, to our laboratory auditing work.

Coupled with our ISO: 9001 accreditation, this is why we're so well placed to carry out laboratory audits of food, environmental microbiology, and asbestos laboratories.

The thorough assessment and consultative process that our consultants adopt, provide an independent analysis of your capabilities. The audit comprises of an evaluation of laboratory systems as an extension to ISO: 17025 accreditations, and auditing of specific laboratory methods to EU Guidelines and other key criteria.

Customer comment and a petri dish filled with a pink substance.

Our audits can provide detailed information that is often required when customers are sourcing appropriate laboratories for their programmes, and also highlight your strengths. In addition to this, areas for improvement may be identified and enable you to ensure continued compliance with quality standards, as well as, improve your service delivery.

We have the systems and facilities to undertake most, or all of a laboratory audit remotely - using electronic forms exchanged via email, which reduces the costs involved and disruptions to workflows.

To discuss your individual circumstances and requirements, please contact our team on  01209 311 350 or email us.

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