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Asbestos analyst analysing a sample with a microscope and tweezers.

Asbestos Bulk Testing 

Our UKAS-accredited, asbestos bulk testing services are carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2005.

Using stereo microscopy, polarised light microscopy and dispersion staining to test bulk samples, everything we do, not only complies with our in-house procedures, but also with the techniques set out in HSG 248.

Through our asbestos bulk analysis laboratory we deliver accurate, consistent results and test for asbestos in an array of material types.

Customer comment coupled with liquid filled vials.

Our fully trained, qualified, and experienced analysts participate in rigorous internal quality assurance programmes. And we also partake in AIMS - an independent assessment which ensures our continued accuracy and consistency in delivery of results.

A range of turnaround options for the delivery of results are offered. Our standard services include: a one hour, a one day and three day turnaround, however, if you require an alternative solution our flexible approach can accommodate this.

Density Testing

To confirm the density of a bulk sample, Scientific Services also provides a water absorption testing service.

To discuss your requirements, or for advice, please contact our team on 01209 311 350 or email us and someone will be in touch.
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