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Scientific Services Launches Water Absorption Testing Service - 22.06.2009

Scientific Services has developed test methods and internal quality assurance systems that enable their asbestos bulk analysis laboratory to accurately classify sample types for bulk material samples.

This density test will enable the consultancy’s customers to obtain the information required, to ensure, with certainty, that the management practices adopted for an asbestos removal project are in line with current legislation.

The water absorption test is the industry standard for assessing the density of a sample and determining whether it is cement or insulation board. The importance attached to deciphering the sample type, relates to the legislation governing the removal of asbestos, which classifies insulation board as a licensable material and cement as a non-licensable product. The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2006, depict distinctly contrasting methods for the removal of these two sample types.

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